Poetry Apr 18, 2020

The sun isn't shining the same way,
Even the stars have got nothing to say,

The birds that chew,
The wind that blew,
Is all suddenly new.

Because the missing element in them is "YOU"
You taught me all about love, hatred and care,
But life without you just isnt fair,
Now that you are gone,
How will I face the next Dawn?
No,not only you left me with your memories,
But also left me broken in grief and lots of worries,
I wonder, If I will ever find a reason to live again?
Who will help me overcome my pain?
I was never ready for you to leave,
And now this deceive is hard to believe,

I know neither a million words nor a thousand tears can bring you back,

Now I feel my life is just all Black.
I just wish for one more glance,
One more touch, one more talk,
Because you never told me,
that saturday morning was our last walk,

And one day after crossing all obstacles our roads will meet again,
If not on Earth, but in heaven we will be complete,
From “ME” and “YOU” to “US” again.

-Gunjan Jhanwar

Writing Competition 2020

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