Non-fiction Apr 15, 2020

Have we made our country independent? Yes.
Have we made democratic rights for all? Yes.
But have we made our country safe for women? No.
It is a less talked issue, but a real one. Some think its the victim’s fault while some
blame the lack of religious beliefs in the younger generation. But what about the fact
when a woman is raped, their religion, age, or even their race is not considered? The
question is who is to blame?
Are we women meant to be kept inside the house as an artefact or a trophy.
The country in which the goddesses (devi) are given the highest status and are prayed
to in almost every home, women are treated with least concern. May it be their
respect, their health or even their payload.

Is the clothes that are to be blamed or they moving around with their free will?
The answer lies within the mind of the thinker, each person has their own opinion and their own point of view. There are no right or wrong answers to this.
But is it fair to the women all over the country to be inside their homes all day long
and just serve their family as their ultimate job? It is definitely not, women are more
capable than the society knows. We have reached to the moon, been in army, police,
and other defence academies.

In these desperate times, desperate measures are required. If the world is full of sinful crimes and brazen people, it is our responsibility to train our children to be the best for the safety of future generation. It is the need of the hour to protect ourselves,
some of them are learning self defence with the use of minimal equipments available
on daily basis, while some; martial arts featuring the strong image of women. The
smarter the women, the stronger the country is what a Modern India demands.

– Janvi Bhagat

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