Poetry Apr 18, 2020

With josh always high and morale that will never die,
An iron fist for treason but a velvet glove for innocents every season,
All night he remains awake, putting his life at stake,
Be an earthquake or a boulder, he never gives a cold shoulder,
He comes with different names but protecting people is only what he aims,
With his family he doesn’t stand, for defending his motherland is a bigger task at hand,
He either returns walkin’ or martyred inside a coffin but in all, he returns with a smilin’ grin!
He remains undeterred by the lies which a cabal peddles, because in the abode of truth he

But... who is "he"?

"He" is a soldier, made of mettle and for compromises with the nation, he won’t settle!

-Divyam Shah

Writing Competition 2020

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