Vogon Expedition: A Hitchhiker’s Tribute

Poetry Apr 18, 2020

Do you love me as much as I love you?
Can you write it on your pages?
As a joke or a poem that doesn't rhyme?
Can you talk about me for hours at length
The way I talk about you
The way I show you off to all those people who never really understood you?
Do you know the beauty that is reflected in you?
You pull me in, with each chapter in your life
You make me explore the depths of your lines
All the characters connected and yet so independent
You are the book I don't want to put down
I wish that Adams at the eves of all the premieres realised
This beautiful curse that is you
This beautiful curse that made me and many like me unloving towards others
You, without which I am incomplete
You, with which I am cursed
Tell me, my darling,
Was it really necessary to be the trilogy in five parts?

– Niti Doshi

Writing Competition 2020

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