Being a man.

Abstract Dec 26, 2019

He who plays the role of a father,

Sometimes a son and sometimes a brother;

Is the one who made my life so alluring,

He was the one, who went on enduring.

You are strong, you are macho;

You can't cry because you're the honcho!

You can't wear pink,

Why can't these stereotypes sink!

You can't cry like a woman,

You can't listen to her,

No matter what, you can never give up;

You're the chaser, chasing everyday,

"Be a man" is what they always say.

You can be sentimental, you can be tan.

You may not have muscles and still be a man.

Cheers to all the men around the globe,

And cheers to your masculinity,

Each being unique and a symbol of sanguinity.

Don't be too harsh on yourself,

Let your scars speak,

Don't be so shy,

Don't cut off your wings,

you've got miles to fly.

Bhoomika Valani

DJLIT Editorial Co-committee member. A keen reader, extrovert who loves writing poems a lot.

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