Train the Brain!

Committee Feb 09, 2017

27th January,2017

The college saw an enthusiastic weekend with DJ LIT, the official literary society of the college, organising a SPENT quiz i.e sports and entertainment quiz for all the students.

The quiz which was the 4th one organised by the club in the past 2 years had a great response. It was the highest turnover out of all the quizzes they had conducted so far, according to a member. It took place in the seminar hall. Teams of 2 had to be formed which would compete in a preliminary round against the rest of the teams. The preliminary round consisted of 25 questions from different areas of sports, art and entertainment. 6 teams then qualified for the finals from approximately 50 teams. The finalists were then encouraged with Red Bull to keep their morale high.

Atharva Sankhe and Dhrumil Shah from SE Mechanical emerged as the victorious team and were awarded a cash prize of Rs. 1500.

Simranjeet Lamba

DJ Lit Editorial

DJ LIT's flabbergasting editorial team, the people who manage this website, the folks who run the Instagram page. #litAF

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