Time Capsule

Poetry Jul 13, 2021

Certain songs are like time capsules
They impart a strange coldness and a
familiar warmness
A portal through which
memories inundate your mind

Everything that made you happy, people who were by your side, how you felt
The rain, the breeze, the sun
The pain, the misery, the anger
Feeling alive, grateful and hopeful
And the realization
of the journey, your growth

The lyrics and music change meaning
from the creator to the listener
Different perspectives, unique stories

They capture the moment, weave our feelings into stories and store them in time
You are teleported to the moment
And if it's a bad one,
You can always change the song.

~ Ritvi Shetty

Word War 1

This post was submitted as an entry for Word War I, a writing competition organised by DJ Lit! Follow us on Instagram to stay tuned for more such events : https://www.instagram.com/dj.litsoc/?hl=en

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