Poetry Apr 18, 2020

Life is beautiful, but it is unfair,
It has many smiles to give, but also many sorrows to bear.
It will punish you, even when it is not your fault,
But continue with your journey, because in life you can’t hault.
People will try to change you under the pretext of making you improve,
It is only then, when you can stand by yourself and prove.
Life’s a journey, with uncountable highs and lows,
And after being unfair, your ‘never give up’ attitude towards life shows.
People come people go and at the end, life was only about ‘you’ is what you come to know.
You grow stronger everyday and one day your great strength becomes a fact,
Then you realize why god gave you the toughest battles, because that was his pact.

-Shambhvi Rangnekar

Writing Competition 2020

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