The Little Himalayas

Lifestyle Feb 11, 2017

If you head back a few years of your life, you will understand what I am saying. This is where or rather when you have a dream, one that will distinguish you from the “everybody” or “somebody”. A dream that I wanted for the sole reason of being the only one able to do it. I dreamt of the Himalayas. The snow clad mountains that looked so peaceful from where I stood. I always wondered how hard it could be to climb. All you would need is stamina and I have loads of it. I was 15 then and everything seemed achievable. A year passed by and I read in the news that a 16 year old girl became the youngest to summit the Everest. A thought crossed my mind, summiting the Everest did not seem so appealing anymore. I mean I would be the second or the third now, not the first. I know that was wrong of me because it was later when I personally talked to those who had achieved that milestone. I came across people that even today were willing to try again and again and again to reach the top and for what, self- satisfaction. They were the ones who made me realize that the feeling of reaching to the top was way greater than being the first. The thought of achieving something than many could not and many lost their lives doing so will make you happy irrespective of whether you are the only one to do it or not. Here is where I started my journey of the Little Himalayas.

I know that someday I will not only try but also succeed in reaching the top of wherever it is but today I climb mountains and peaks and stand at the very top for one and only one reason, to feel what they felt, to at least know what it is like and why is everyone willing to risk so much for it. I found my answer! Nothing can describe what it is like to accomplish it. I started out with any small peak I could and today I am not aiming for Everest directly but eventually. The mountains I climb may not be the highest but are my little Himalayas to achieve. Here I am climbing as many peaks I can still trying to feel what they felt. Hopefully someday I will.

– (SRS)

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