The Era of Quarantine

Poetry Apr 18, 2020

At a distance, a man in Ludhiana for the first time in three decades spots the Himalayas- the mighty terrain
Which really makes me question myself, humans or COVID-19? which is the bigger bane?
The dolphins are back, the waters are clean
Does it really take a world pandemic for mother nature to heal?

Let’s not make this a political issue about religion, caste or creed
Mankind coming together and humanity is what the world really needs

When it’s all over and the economy bleeds
The wounds will be deep only time will heal
We can do our bit by supporting daily wagers and vendors on the street
For their hunger pang children at home are uncertain about the next meal they will get to eat.

Such times teach us to express a little more gratitude
Together we can get rid of our pessimistic attitudes

Next time let’s not call staying at home “being stuck”
But consider the food on our table and the roof over our heads our luck

At the forefront are tirelessly fighting the doctors, nurses and medics
These unsung heroes will go unmentioned in the world relics

One day there will be noise and vehicles on the streets
About people which no longer want to bleat,
Mumbai will regain its title as the city that never sleep
And the public will be happy to get into a Virar local with barely any room to breathe.

-Akanksha Mansharamani

Writing Competition 2020

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