Poetry Apr 19, 2020

Yes went off that day, But the strings are still attached
My heart is aching in hope, Wonder!!u still reading my texts?
Do you Remember my favourite place?
I am waiting there, You change your mind in case
Tell me!!You still giving that damn smile to everyone?
Will you come to me now, if I try to summon
I never told you that I wanted to travel with you
And U didn't even try for a different picture or view
Yeah!! it was all my fault, right from the beginning
Dreaming on my own, adding letters without meaning
You Broke me, you woke me so, you were the worst
But maybe i forgive you, after all you were my first

– Vidhi Choudhary

Writing Competition 2020

This post was submitted for Writing Competition 2020! Want to win exciting prizes? Submit your articles at [email protected]

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