Spreading happiness

Abstract Jan 22, 2020

As I grow older,
I question each passing day,
each day that gets struck off of my lifespan,
What did I learn today?
Two days ago, I learnt about compassion.
People suffer every day
and just a few people try to understand that
and out of those few, very few are compassionate about it.
Compassion means to be kind to others and empathize with them.
Yesterday, I learnt how everyone should be appreciated.
It is easy to find faults in others but
finding goodness makes you a real hero.
A little validation goes a long way,
It could brighten someone’s day.
Today, I learnt how to implement these new things,
I saw the results firsthand.
The old lady I helped cross the road blessed me profusely.
The exhausted nurse, who worked 18 hours a day,
her face lit up when I said she was the strongest person I knew.
It isn’t really hard to make people happy,
all it takes is a few words and a smile.
I suggest you try it too; it won’t just make someone else happy,
you’ll be elated too.

Shikha Punjabi

DJLIT Editorial Co-committee member

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