Special Edition of the Prophet

Committee Mar 17, 2020

Quidditch for Muggles?!

Parth Thakkar, Special Correspondent, Hogsmeade

The magical sport of the wizarding world got introduced to the boring world of muggles. The Ministry of Magic along with The Prophet are still looking into how this confidential information got out to the muggles with soaring urgency. From what we’ve uncovered so far, this sport was introduced to the muggles by a peculiar muggle university in Cambridge, USA- Harvard. In fact they have completely muggle-ized our sacred sport.

Muggle quidditch is played with seven players a side. But, instead of the Firebolts and Nimbus 2001s, they’re using normal broomsticks - running around keeping this stick between their legs. Three chasers move the volleyball, the muggle quaffle, across the field, through one of the three hoops. The keeper is responsible to defend these hoops. Two beaters throw dodgeballs at players, instead of the flying bludgers that have their own mind, to knock them out of play for a short time. The flying Snitch, a tennis ball in a sock, is attached to the shorts of one neutral player who is introduced in the game after 18 minutes. This player attempts to avoid capture of the snitch by the seekers. The game ends after the snitch is captured.

One of the muggles was overheard saying, “There may not be flying, but quidditch still creates magic.” This is very disrespectful to us as a community. A very sacred sport is being played in a way that’s infuriating to look at. We will get to the bottom of this fiasco.

Peverell Brothers & The Deathly Hallows

Krittika Roy, Feature Writer, Knockturn Alley

A wand, a stone and a cloak. Thought to have been wrought by Death himself, these three objects were made in order to defeat death. The wand, fashioned from a stick snapped off an elder tree, was arguably one of the most powerful wands in the world. The stone could resurrect the dead, and could bring back an approximation of the departed. And the cloak, was a cloak of invisibility that was so powerful that it would work forever and would protect the bearer from Death. According to legend the three Peverell brothers met Death who gave them each an object of their choice. The eldest brother, Antioch, and the next brother Cadmus asked for, and got the wand and the resurrection stone respectively, and came to no good. The third brother, Ignatius, was smart enough to ask for the cloak of invisibility, which enabled him to evade death successfully until he was ready to die.

These objects became the stuff of legend, so much that people forgot about them and thought them a myth. Only a few people believed them true. Dumbledore and Grindelwald, when they were young, believed that in order to become immortal and invincible, one had to own all three of the hallows. They wanted to use the hallows to bring the wizards out of hiding, and assert their power over muggles.

Alohomora- A Peek Behind the Scenes

Shikha Punjabi, Staff Writer, Little Hangleton

J.K. Rowling Had To Fight For McGonagall:

Although she didn’t write the screenplays for the Harry Potter films, Rowling remained an invaluable source during the writing process. On several occasions, she overrode some of the changes that the screenwriter wanted to make for the movie. He wanted to replace McGonagall with Harry in the confrontation between Snape and Harry thinking that it would add more weight to the scene when Harry learns about Snape’s tragic past and his former Professor’s love for his mother. However, Rowling thought it was important to give McGonagall her moment.

The Actor Playing Crabbe Was Fired:

Crabbe’s character was replaced in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. He was not asked to return to the franchise since he got arrested in 2009. It seems that the troublesome Slytherin actor was equally troublesome off-set.

Daniel Radcliffe Broke 80 Wands During Filming:

During filming, Daniel Radcliffe reportedly went through 160 pairs of Harry’s glasses and nearly 80 wands.
Radcliffe liked to use his wand as a drumstick, he’d repeatedly tap it against a number of surfaces and his wands would break. Luckily, the props department always had a backup one at the ready.

Bitter Enemies Or Best Friends?

There was always a fun environment, even if the scene being filmed concerned a destructive battle. Besides, Voldemort and Harry smiling ear-to-ear is a sight of legend.

2016 HP Quiz Throwback

DJ LIT is organised its second Harry Potter Quiz today and we thought it fit to go down the memory lane with Snehashis Panda, first Chairperson of DJ LIT in 2016.

“Keeping in mind the general popular fandom and the fact that most of us were Potterheads meant that this wasnt a hard choice.”

He further adds,”We had about 35 teams turn up and the prelims were really tight with a lot of teams scoring well, but we had our six finalists without much hustle. The finals turned out to be harder than we expected. It got pretty intense as we drew to an end. All in all, a fun day!”

(As narrated to Malhar Hathi)

DJ Lit Editorial

Among with Parth Thakkar, Shikha Punjabi, Krittika Roy

DJ LIT's flabbergasting editorial team, the people who manage this website, the folks who run the Instagram page. #litAF

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