Poetry Apr 18, 2020

In silence your soul blushes with happiness,
As it gets to knock on your door and complete your emptiness.

Silence can brings the best in You,
Or drive the insane in You.
It sees through every notion,
every Illusion, And makes you wanna embrace your true reflection.

Silence makes us confront our reality,
Our life’s uncertain gravity.
Whether are we living in a fantasy,
Or on our way to our destiny.

It unleashes the creative prowess submerged in you,
Which was hidden and Isolated from you.
So believe and have faith in you,
As every path will converge for you.
In life, every yin has a yang.

As it is with the attachment of silence,
Which brings distress to the inner balance.
So expand your perception,
For the world needs you at your perfection.

Look for those beautiful souls around you,
As you go on the highway of life with confidence,
Who will admire you, Inspire you, empower you,
Who would hold your hand in the darkness of silence,
Whom you can call yours till the end of the line.
Who will bring the warmth and lightness of relations,
Into your small and mystical world. Find them and never leave them.

-Bhumil Jakheliya

Writing Competition 2020

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