Reality Extinct

Poetry Jul 13, 2021

We trust the perfidious people in our life but the loyalty needs to be proved every time!

Trust! Trust! is all they repeat,

They tear you apart and develop the audacity to call you incomplete!

Feel my words, when I say "Reality doesn't exist."

After all it needs "Space to breathe"

Fake world, zero reality,

Don't you think, your dreams are being ruined by your responsibility!

To hide the irruption of your emotions!

Being rude to the world is the best possible option?

Wrong conversation, Blabbering lamented words a lot,

A person’s biggest sin is his biggest weakness, society taught.

Pain that cannot be described is the biggest pain alive,

It's rightly said, people will only care when you are pretty, popular or dying!

But remember,

We are here to live, not to survive,

More than you, your memories are alive,

Don't let those scars hurt you all the time,

"Be the storm of orchids from divine"

“Secrets are usually hidden behind the smiling face nowadays
Just love each other and watch people unlock all their scars and pains!”

-Aayushi Jha

Word War 1

This post was submitted as an entry for Word War I, a writing competition organised by DJ Lit! Follow us on Instagram to stay tuned for more such events :

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