Qurantine routine

Poetry Apr 18, 2020

Its quarantine and chill everyone says,
Lost count on number of days.

We’re all baffled about our lives ahead,
Yet we lose no hopes by taking precautions instead.

Sanitizers, hand gloves and masks recommended,
Binge watching, course learning and tik tok videos trended.

Call on duties for police, cleaners and doctors,
Boring lectures, assignments and online exams proctored.

Count for corona rises each second,
Family calls for help is something we mandatorily have to attend.

Cold war and world war were just a siren,
Sudden news of death rates give us a migraine.

Everything will be fine with time,
Daily wage workers fighting for a dime.

Social distancing is now a mandatory regime,
Yet serving the needy be a prime.

Beating dishes, ringing bells and lighting up candles was all we did,
India will be a superpower I bid.

Hence we’re all praying for better things to come,
The news ‘Lockdown lifted’ will feel awesome.

-Astha Mehta

Writing Competition 2020

This post was submitted for Writing Competition 2020! Want to win exciting prizes? Submit your articles at [email protected]

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