Prison Without Bars

Poetry Jul 13, 2021

Our mind is a prison without bars,
It can heal or create scars,
It can completely swallow you
And you may have no clue.

The voice haunting me in my mind,
Is slowly taking control,
From here, there is no parole.
Enduring is not the response!

Conquering the reins of my wits
Is easier said than done.
It takes appreciable resolve
To step up to step in.

Trying and trying,
It becomes baffling and tiring
What is life’s worth?
Crippling in dearth?
Where should I unearth the answer that lies enclosed within?

Worn out with the persistent struggle,
I return to my bubble
Curious eyes reflecting in the mirror
The sensations in my body pull the trigger;

Did I find it or did it find me?
Happiness is indistinct,
Aspire to find life worth every eye blink.

~ Sanika Ardekar

Word War 1

This post was submitted as an entry for Word War I, a writing competition organised by DJ Lit! Follow us on Instagram to stay tuned for more such events :

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