Politics and Literature

Interesting Dec 16, 2019

This morning, during the obligatory scroll of my Instagram feed, I came across a post on Gurmehar's feed and it went along the lines of:
'My father tells me not read the newspaper'
That is political.
'My father died in the war.'
That is political.

‌Every statement you make, every verdict you support, everything is political. From the indecisiveness in Maharashtra to the recent 'secular' Ayodhya verdict, there truly is politics everywhere, even in India's chaotic democratic atmosphere. Our ability to understand that and act on it is a true privilege indeed.

‌‌Now coming to literature, it is a form of media at the end of the day, our most political form of expression. From your righteous characters being Hindu, white or north Indian or your villains being Pakistani, dark or Muslim, that is a political statement. May it be the revolutionary dystopia in the Hunger games or a politically dysfunctional utopia,


Adrika Singh

DJ Lit Editorial Head 2020-21

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