Plastic Amongst Us

Abstract Oct 02, 2019

The sea water gone black, gone salty

Squids and fishes, not found anymore.

Do we even know who is guilty?

Beaches aren’t clean anymore,

Because there’s evil inside us, and plastic amongst us.

Cities are flooding, people are drowning

And the drains are clogged up till their brains.

Climate change is now unstoppable,

It is because,

There’s evil inside us and plastic amongst us.

The mercury is rising,

And the water levels are depleting.

As trees are felled and development comes in way,

It is high time we realize that,

There’s evil inside us and plastic amongst us.

Forests are burning all around,

So are churches

But, god fearing people are we

Thus the church be rebuilt,

But the forests shall not, obviously

Because there’s evil inside us.

By Samarth Oza

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