Peculiar She's Called

Poetry Apr 12, 2020

An unsolved mystery,
An unanswered question she is,
Not the one the world wants but the one oceans' crave she is
She's not the type of girl you'll find on
Social networking sites,
In between poetry of several lines,
She's one you'll find in the skies,
Between the clouds,
And the in those gaps,
Between sunsets and Twilights of Quebec,
She's one you'll strive to hide,
Hide from the outside world,
Not because she's beautiful,
But because she sounds ebullient and happy,
Which the world won't like (and ripe her off it ).
She's not an adolescent tag (as girlfriend),
But a grown up woman
Without any boomerangs.
An unabated vivacious girl she is,
Won't let you come any closer until you are a moon quoter, that's
always in sight ,
An inspiration to her,
Which she calls "mine",
She's not like other girls out there.
Peculiar she's called,
Not for what she is ,
For what she wants,
A companion to space,
To get solace.

-Jyotsna Doonga

Writing Competition 2020

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