Report on Open Mic Night 2020

Committee Jan 23, 2020

We the students of DJSCE started our new year just right with the first ever Open Mic Night; an event awaited for a very long time and finally put into execution by the combined efforts of DJ Lit (the official literary society) and DJ Beats (the official music club). It was held on 11th January in the Drawing Hall. Although the event was scheduled to begin at 3:30 pm, preparations had begun hours earlier. Members of both the committees turned up in the morning to make all final arrangements and with all hands on deck, we managed to jazz up and completely transform the aesthetic of the drawing hall using some dark drapes, fairy lights and DIY string ornaments.

We had free entry for the audience who turned up right on time and in large numbers. People outside of college were welcome to attend and take part as well. Our host for the evening was Mokshit Mehta (SE member of DJ Lit) who started the event by interacting with the audience and creating a fun atmosphere for the 50+ performances that commenced soon after. We kicked off with two beautiful solo performances and a poetry recitation that received a lot of cheer from the audience. Throughout the evening, people's spirits were at an all time high. Their levels of enthusiasm never died down as we had some amazing back to back performances covering numerous genres - hindi plunging into classical to rock, then back to soulful and more. Participants showcased their talents and amazing skill set with the guitars, tabla, drum stool and synthesizer. We got to witness some mind-blowing rap and a few mesmerising duets by the members of DJ Beats for it was their time to shine and they delivered wonderfully. We also had three guys attempt stand-up comedy and I assure you, they did not fail for people in the crowd were roaring with laughter and snickering when stuff was just too damn relatable. Moreover, it was great to see that some participants took this opportunity to share their shayaris with the world for the very first time.

The crowd was truly an integral part in making this event such a huge success. Hours flew by as we witnessed some fantastic performances and we had people waiting till the very end! They were quick in changing their energies to match that of the performer -from screaming lyrics at the top of their voices some times to waving their mobile flashlights in the dark when a soft melody was played on stage. In return for being such an amazing crowd, we had a couple of exciting giveaways to engage the audience thanks to our sponsors - Pin It Up Badges, Brew House, Ali Baba Tattoos, Kraziideas and Coolberg.

Although none of us were ready for the event to come to an end, we wrapped up all the performances by 9:30 pm. Our first edition of the Open Mic Night was a total knockout, thanks to the immense enthusiam showcased by the participants as well as the audience. It was a great first experience of collaborating with DJ Beats to present you all with such a memorable and fun night.

That's all for now folks but DJ Lit cannot wait for you guys to come and join us for all the exciting events that we have planned for the coming year. Stay tuned!

DJ LIT Editorial

Among with Isha Joshi

DJ LIT's flabbergasting editorial team, the people who manage this website, the folks who run the Instagram page. #litAF

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