Poetry Apr 17, 2020

She got the stains,
she feels the pain.
Pain in her gaps,
red in her pants.

Furious mood swings kept her awake,
All those emotions drain like a quick race.
Bars of chocolate she wanted for a half,
Chubby or sexy she don’t care at all.

Shivers, sweat sometimes cold,
Following laws of seasons is a kind of old.
Her back, her legs, her waist told her to stop,
Her mind yelled,“I want to shop!”

Countless positions she tried to fall a sleep,
She counted all the night, 1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep..
With this burning anguish she carried her style,
“I am fine”, she replied with a smile.

Grouching on everyone throughout the day,
Struggling for the comfort,“ How can I say?”
It’s just a matter of days, so just hear it out,
She’s girl and she can roar it loud.

Pain in her gaps,
red in her pants....

– Parth Jhaveri

Writing Competition 2020

This post was submitted for Writing Competition 2020! Want to win exciting prizes? Submit your articles at [email protected]

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