Report on Node.js and Mongo DB Workshop by ACM

Committee Mar 18, 2018

A workshop focused on Node.js and MongoDB technology was organized by the ACM team for SE students. The workshop was conducted by two TE students, namely, Mit Parekh and Jitendra Sachwani.

The workshop was held in the C2 classroom from 7:30 am to 11 am on the 16th and from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm on the 17th of February. It was attended by over 75 people.

On the first day the speakers gave the students a brief on JSON and it’s intricacies followed by which the students were introduced to MongoDB. They helped the students understand database connectivity in relation with the same. After the conclusion of the initial MongoDB phase Mit and Jitendra turned towards Node.js. They helped the students install the necessary softwares and went over the basics of each.

The second day began with the implementation of what the students had learnt on the previous day. The students were able to carry out database connectivity on their personal machines. Once the students were comfortable with the aforementioned topics the speakers delved into the depth of each. They showed the students initiation of a localhost and helped them understand its functioning.

The initiative was well received by the students and they left with a much better understanding of how the Node.js and MongoDB environment functions.

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