Poetry Apr 15, 2020

Aromatic breeze,
You feel the soil.
Nature speaks to you,
You're one with nature.
Energy channels through your soul,
‘Feel connected’
That's our survival.
Bond between nature and mankind,
Understand your doing,
Do not ruin it,
Use resources efficiently,
Help mother-nature rejuvenate.
Give and take is the only policy.
Nature cries yet none to hear.
Vanishing day by day,
Sadly there's none to care.
Mankind use your brains,
Help mother-nature rejuvenate.
Seasons changing,
Winds turning,
Diseases spreading,
What is happening?
Mother -nature is dying.
Nature is love,
When disappeared,
Neither peace nor tranquility will exist.
Abide by the rules of nature,
If you don't,
Nature will engulf you.
You'll have nowhere to go,
When nature is extinct,
Humans will extinct without nature too.

– Sandeep Sudhir

Writing Competition 2020

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