Movie Review - Nerve

Review Feb 09, 2017

“Wishing me like one more rich in hope,

Featured like him, like him with friends possessed.
Desiring this man’s art, and that man’s scope,
With what I most enjoy contented least.”
– William Shakespeare.
Shakespeare’s works though thought provoking are always mind boggling. I mean that literally. To all those who understood the above verse of Shakespeare’s sonnet, Kudos! To those who didn’t , well here’s a secret, I googled the meaning too.While I ruminate over Shakespeare’s thoughts on fame and recognition, I am pulled out of my reverie by the sound blaring from the speakers. “Are you a watcher or a player?”,the question resonates in the room. I wonder what’s going on and then I remember that I am watching the movie ‘Nerve’. I glance at my sister hoping she will enlighten me as to what is happening but I shut my mouth at her silencing glare. As the movie progresses we are pulled into the lives of teenagers who are enthusiastically performing dares, ranging from simple ones to life threatening ones. But do they care? Not a whit. They are happy amassing tons of followers and gaining millions of likes. The movie really seems to hit a nerve. It accurately portrays our obsession with ‘insta-fame’. People are striving to replicate this kind of fame and have become obsessed with getting numbers by any means. The number of Facebook friends you have has somehow now become a symbol of a successful  social life.In our quest to gain online recognition we spend hours clicking the ‘perfect selfie’, go on fad diets, bulk up, burry ourselves under tons of make-up. While it doesn’t necessarily seem like a bad thing, people without a strong sense of self are deeply affected by the negative comments and cyber-bullying that comes hand-in-hand with fame.Things which used to make us happy leave us feeling discontented. Is this what our life has become? An endless cycle of trying to find a place in the online world. As the movie draws to an end and the teenagers in the movie vote for the top two finalists to kill each other, I wonder if we have become as apathetic as the devices we use.

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