Life or No-Life in Syria

Lifestyle Nov 10, 2016

The Syrian Civil war is a conflict between its long-serving government and those seeking to boot it out of office. This is a complicated , messy and a cruel war where in both the parties do not have any concern towards the civilian causalities formed in the process.

In one corner there’s Assad’s regime, which can mobilize both Syria’s army and informal militias. Assad has received both political support and military equipment from Russia and Iran. In another corner there’s the Free Syrian Army(FSA), an armed opposition group that has at times received some Western support. And then there is a host of other militias, including Islamists such as ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, and also Kurdish forces.

From the outside, it’s almost impossible to imagine what everyday life must be like in Syria, whose brutal civil war enters its fifth year this month and shows little sign of stopping anytime soon. The multisided battle has drawn in countries ranging from Syria’s Middle Eastern neighbors to Russia and the United States, and has provided fertile ground for the Islamist group ISIS. Meanwhile, the Syrian civilians caught in the middle endure hardship on a scale that is beyond measure.recent

Many Syrians have stayed put in their home towns and tried to carry on because they fear the dire living conditions in the refugee camps at home and abroad. Many of them can’t even afford to emigrate comfortably.

Lots of people have lost their original jobs and are doing whatever they can start. Those who stay usually take up one of the few lowly jobs available in a war zone — driving taxis, fixing cars, running tiny internet cafes, or simply selling on whatever smuggled scraps they can get hold of. They are trying to avoid becoming one of the 7.6 million people displaced internally within Syria, or the 3.8 million who have fled overseas as refugees

The need of the hour is to focus on the real threat of terrorism. People have to realize that nobody is in a position to take it “All in” in the Syrian gamble. Everybody has to bend and settle for the middle ground.

The Syrian revolution has failed – it is over. All that is left out of this revolution is a  story to tell our children: a story of tens and thousands of Syrian people who encountered Assad’s tyranny and dictatorship with lot of sacrifices, and yet the world turned its back on them; a revolution that was poisoned by invaders, traitors and foreign money.

By Rijuta Patil

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