I Tested Positive

Lifestyle Jul 19, 2020

I tested positive for COVID-19 about a month ago. Being in my early twenties, I wasn’t too worried about recovery because that’s the general word floating around right? It’s easier for the younger population to recover than the older lot. Not going to lie, physical recovery was not even that tough. There were a few days where I felt exhausted and weak but that’s about it. So let me fill you in a little on what COVID-19 does to you and your body (well, at least from my experience).

I first got diagnosed on 17 June. It was decided that since my symptoms were mild I should be home quarantined (thankfully!). Immediately my doctor put me on a three-day antibiotic course, and oh! This medicine makes you feel like you have the virus more than anything else. It really messes up the functioning of your insides. There were points where I didn’t even want to take this medicine. This isn’t the only medicine you ought to take though. There are the regulars that doctors will recommend even if you do not have COVID-19; the likes of Vitamin B and Zinc, Vitamin C, anti-allergy tablets if you happen to sneeze or develop a cough (even due to reasons that may not be tantamount to having COVID-19). Also, your mask, the thermometer and the oximeter become constant companions.

After the test, how are you informed about your result? If you have tested positive, then the agency conducting the test will directly call the BMC and give them your details. After which the BMC will call you and ask about your address, your symptoms, and in general get an idea about your medical condition. So far so good. Then their workers come over to your house for a check up and ask you to sign an undertaking stating that you will be home quarantining. All good still. Then come the workers who have to disinfect your house. So first you feel great about it because you have a notion of your house being clean and germ-free. I felt the same way too, at first.

Allow me to break down the whole disinfecting experience.

The disinfectant that they spray has a certain amount of chlorine in it and it dries off extremely sticky. The BMC workers come spray it all over your house. Then you have to make a choice between wanting it sticky all around or wanting it clean; and I chose clean. So I wiped it out after it dried. Or at least wiped most of it out, because they spray it everywhere. In the living room, in the bedrooms, in the bathrooms and even in the kitchen. So yes, my toothbrush was sprayed on, any exposed food in the kitchen was sprayed on, window panes, mirrors, cupboards, dining table and wait for it…. even my electronics were sprayed on (my laptop 😢). As a person infected with COVID-19 or even as a healthy person you do not want to deal with cleaning all this (and also thinking that you live inside a swimming pool because your home definitely smells like one).

If you are room quarantining at home then you make your room your home for the next couple of weeks because you aren’t going to be leaving from there. Yes, that can get boring and tedious and well there are times when you might feel low too. This is exactly where my family, neighbours and friends played a very crucial role. A HUGE shoutout to my neighbours who were selfless enough to help out and send me food for all the time I was quarantining. They used disposable utensils to send me food and I ended up eating my food in those same utensils and getting rid of them. They even made sure that they broke the monotony of the food so I would feel good. Bless such souls! Coming to my family and friends. I am so very grateful for them. They made sure to not indulge in gossip or meaningless, exhausting talk and did exactly what I needed at that point. I was on a video call most of the afternoons with either a friend or my cousins, watching a movie together or solving a digital escape room.

I also found a new solace in tidying up my room. I started cleaning out my bedside tables more regularly to make sure that my surroundings were clean. All of that helped me put my mind to fun and yet mentally stimulating things. If you are a friend or family to someone who has been infected with COVID-19 then please take the initiative and plan out such activities. If you are a neighbour then try not to shun them in the fear of contracting the virus. Take the necessary precautions and try helping out. It makes the world of difference. Also, please do not be the person who calls to ask about “Achha, so what happened? What all are you going through? How does it feel to have COVID-19?”. I understand that there is a lot of curiosity around it but please put the contractee of the virus above your curiosity. Once they’ve come around, they will be more than willing to quench your thirst; just like me who after a month am okay with talking about it and thus am writing this article.

Just one last bit before I’m done. I want to tell you about what after a month of testing positive. Have I recovered completely? The answer is no actually. Like I mentioned in the beginning of this article that it’s not as hard on youngsters. Towards the end of my quarantine period I was feeling completely fine. I came out of my room after my quarantine was over, sat on my absolute favourite place in my house to enjoy a hot cup of chai made by ME. Ah! The contentment after you drink tea that is made to suit your own taste. It was good for a couple of more weeks up until a few days ago when I developed a slight fever once again. I went on sneezing sprees, my throat was also itchy. So now I’m back in my room and taking medicines again. I don’t think I contracted the virus again though. I feel this is just a sign of me not having recovered completely from it. So before I end this I’d just like to tell you that even though the unlock phase is going on, please do not step out unless absolutely necessary for essentials. Even if you are someone who has contracted the virus and now feel that you have recovered, please don’t get complacent.

Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Use a sanitizer. Eat healthy.

-Harshi Thaker

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