I dreamt

Poetry Apr 19, 2020

I dreamt about a nation,
With low crime rates,
With hundreds of Bill Gates,
With no women raped,
With every mind beautifully shaped;

I dreamt about politicians,
With transparent hearts,
With mastery in different human arts,
With utterly uncorrupt minds,
With an aim to uplift every living kinds;

I dreamt about prisoners,
With lessons in their brains,
With memories of closed chains,
With future plans with their families,
With dreams to live beyond authorities;

I dreamt about billionaires,
With sharing happiness along slums,
With inspirational life for young ones,
With psyche of donating to charity,
With no worries of inferiority;

I dreamt about my mom,
With ever smiling face,
With resemblance of God’s grace,
With thousand years of life span,
With a soul to create me a best man;

I dreamt about a girl,
With strength more than her father,
With an ability to play soccer,
With no make-ups on her cheeks,
With tasty cooking techniques;

I dreamt about myself,
With humble behaviour,
With muscular body of a saviour,
With sweet speaking tongue,
With a heart remaining forever young......

-Ashish Kerketta

Writing Competition 2020

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