Magical Giveaway alert!

Committee Mar 10, 2020

Potterheads Assemble!⚑

In anticipation to the Harry Potter Extravaganza coming up on 14th March, DJ Lit's official website DJVU is holding its first giveaway and it's got a magical feel to it!πŸ’«

Hogwarts Express @ Universal Studios Orlando, Florida
Explore Hogwarts on 14th March at DJSCE!

The premise is simple, all you have to do to enter is write the most magical fanfiction your creative hub could conjure up and give the ol' Harry Potter universe an enchanting twist! πŸ§™β€β™‚

The 'chosen' article will be presented with exciting fandom merchandise on the day of the event i.e. Saturday, 14th MarchπŸ§™β€β™€

Just follow these basic guidelines:

Keep the overall word limit under 1000 words.
Mention no less than THREE different Harry Potter universe characters in your piece.
The fictional piece should not be blatantly plagiarized or "borrowed" from the original literature or movies.

All genres fair game! Go as wild with your imagination as possible, but hurry! Entries accepted only until Friday noon!

Send your entries in docx format at:

[email protected]

Get your admit at!

DJ Lit Editorial

DJ LIT's flabbergasting editorial team, the people who manage this website, the folks who run the Instagram page. #litAF

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