Poetry Apr 14, 2020

A sign of time,
That for long has passed away,
I know the Rime,
And that has made me stay;
Despite all the pain,
And everything so dull,
I look up at the rain,
Hoping for a pearl;
Some hopes die soon,
And sooner than they should,
But I look up at the moon,
To liven up my mood;
Believe me when I say,
Coz that's what makes it work,
Never drop the pray,
If you're out of luck;
Because destiny shapes,
And sculpts in ways,
Such that beyond the cloud in drapes,
Always pierce the Sunrays!

– Shubh Padechia

Writing Competition 2020

This post was submitted for Writing Competition 2020! Want to win exciting prizes? Submit your articles at [email protected]

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