Poetry Apr 13, 2020

Tall, slim with long hair running down from my shoulders is what they see,
But no one knows the scars hidden behind the personality I seep.
Dozens of clothes and accessories I have, but their's something which I lack,
A family is what they say, but what if the father is only not there.
Not a human, Oh! He can't be, he's a monster that's what I see,
Runaway is what comes to my mind, it isn't even possible what's the point.
It's not that easy even though it seems, there's a lot to it which probably you can't see,
A smile on my lips with so called perfect personality is what it seems
She has her own struggles,which you don't have to see.
Childhood memories is what I hate, him disrespecting her at every point he made,
This is what I remember as my worst nightmare,
It comes back every time, every night when he shouts in the air.
Closing my ears listening to the music is the best I could do,
But what about her, her ears are listening though.
Trying to avoid those horrific words is the best I could do,
Even though he shouts like an evil monster as much as he loves to do.

– Nivedita Shrirao

Writing Competition 2020

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