Global Citizen India Festival

Lifestyle Feb 09, 2017

The biggest game changer musical festival that India had ever seen in its history of festivals was The Global Citizen India Festival. It wasn’t just a festival where few youngsters come together enjoy rhe show and leave, It was a Festival with a good cause,  It was a festival to connect youth with problems faced by India and world, It was a festival to raise money for such causes.

But what made this event a success? Was it the Professionalism of Handling Concerts? Was it Good Causes it was Fighting for? Was it the huge amount of money it generated? Or was it the Star-studded Line up for the concert? Maybe there was a part of everything but hugely it was Successful because of the International Band Coldplay,a band which is quite relevant among the Indian youth and who are known for their Songs “Paradise” and” Hymn for the Weekend”.

So lets Take an Overview of the Festival which was held on 19th November at MMRDA Grounds,  BKC, Mumbai. The Ground gates opened at 10:30 am and the crowd flew in to grab their Placements to get the best view of the stage. Expected to Start by 1:30 , the Show was running half an hour late. The Show was Opened with Indian Sensation Arijit Singh as he took the crowd to emotional Rollercoaster. Followed by Performances from Monali Thakur and Sonakshi Sinha. Then To set the crowd exciting came the famous Trio Shankar Eeshan Loy who took made us ‘Breathless’. After such Power pumped performances It was time for Opening of first international artist of the day Demi Lovato, who set the Stage on Fire with a Series of her famous songs and finally making the crowd “Cool For the Summer”. After such an impactful performances audience were keen to look at whats next. The ‘Rock On’ star Farhan Aktar made crowd insane and Oscar winner A.R.Rehman made the crowd nostalgic by his performance.After his performance The second international act The Vamps took the stage and made the crowd awestruck.Following them was the Biggest Rappers of all time Jay Z who made the crowd go hop pop and rock with his Presence and performance. By this time we can say crowd was way to impressed by whole festival. But Yet the Game was not over. Here after Ranveer Singh Heated up the stage with his dance packed performance and left Audience in an energetic mood for the ultimate act of night. But before audience could cheer for Coldplay they were addressed by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis,  Sachin Tendulkar, J.R.D. Tata and Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi who gave audience a beautiful message to the audience making them realize why exactly they were here. As the Audience were left inspired The EDM Duo Electrovaganza made the Crowd Dancing to their beats. Thus Finally the act the Crowd had been waiting since Hours Coldplay took the Stage and Audience went Enthralled. Coldplay made the crowd look like “Sky Full Of Stars” as everyone started to flash their torches in the sky. But the Best Part of whole Festival came to a Surprise when Chris Martin Collaborated with A.R.Rehman to sing his famous gig Vande Mahatram which made audience wow and whole audience sang along to make the event look even superb as angels choir in the heaven.

As the event made a beautiful ending it brooked some unbelievable records like It was the first ever huge concert held in India, It became The first Indian Debut for various Big Artists like Demi Lovato, Jay Z and Coldplay,  It became the 1st ever concert to attract crowd of 85000+ along with 6 Million viewers on Vh1 channel and Voot live streaming app, the free tickets lucky draw generated 500,000 registered Users who completed more than 2 Million Actions to end Poverty, Better Sanitation and Gender Equality issues.

Even though the Management and Sound quality didn’t matched the bench mark but the show did left Audience in awe and a Memorable Day for all Youth with a good cause after all its all about connecting today’s youth together and strive for a better furure.


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