Feminism or Feminazi?

Abstract Mar 31, 2019

The most used word of 2018: ‘feminism’. Need I even define this word?
It literally means socio, economic and political equality between the two genders. The first waves of feminism took place in the late 19th century and at that time, it was mainly concerned with gaining the right to vote and standing for election into parliament. Since then, its impacts have come a long way. However, is feminism now only standing up for all the right reasons or have the unacceptable reasons slowly gained its foothold?
Apparently, we have another word that is been doing the rounds since quite some time- ‘feminazi’. Feminism nowadays has become synonymous to men-hating, which is exactly opposite to what it believed in originally. If a woman is in a crowded train, she cannot expect a man to generously give her his seat. That is an absurd thought. That man would have had the same tiring day as that woman. However the thought that has infiltrated everyone’s mind in this generation is “ladies first”. Yes, everyone has told this to some male counterpart at least once in their life, and in a mocking way. However what happens when this is not in fun anymore? This is literally what feminism has become. Feminazis have been believed to have made another word for ‘women’. It is ‘womyn’. Why? It is because they didn’t want the word ‘men’ to infiltrate their gender. Tell me a more preposterous thought than this! Even the government rules that have been bestowed upon us have somehow turned against men. There is not a rule which specifies what would happen if a man is raped. Women can file a false sexual harassment complaint against men but men cannot file an evidential complaint against women. Why is it that feminism which aimed for equality has turned a tad bit radical and the suffering species nowadays is men? I firmly believe in the roots of what feminism stood for once upon a time, nowadays ,feminism has almost become anti-men. This ideology would do us more harm than necessary if we do not diminish such harrowing thoughts.
Feminism is not a perfect idea, but in the end, which one is? Feminism was an intellectual scream a century ago. Now, these women have come a long way from breaking these chains and venturing into a new world of booming equality. We as a society must embrace these ideas, try every possible means to remove feminazi ideologies and embrace this universal concept for generations to come.

-Drashti Shah

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