Everything is a struggle

Poetry Jul 06, 2021

From birth to your life’s worth,

Everything is a struggle.

Thou shalt fight! For,

One day, win, you might.

Or assimilate, you may.

The declivity of the battle,

The scars on the mantle,

Are signs of a thick ruffle.


Everything is a struggle.

You yield the hammer,

And also control the drill.

Life is about taking a pause,

And enjoying the still, as,

Everything is a struggle.

You run you hide,

You cry and you confide.

Sooner or later, you choose.

Either you get something, or lose everything, because,

Everything is a struggle.

You fall down, you get up and

You call yourself a sinless bloke

Little did you know, that the food you yourself cooked, would make you choke.

Nothing in this sanctum is free, for the fact,

Everything is a struggle.

Dive into the waters,

Swim into the next life.

Leave this world and create one of your own!

You won’t get everything, since,

Everything is a struggle.

Samarth Oza

DJ Lit Editorial and Publicity Co-Committee member

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