Fiction Apr 18, 2020

Alice a little boy from India once thought to explore the area of forest and packed his bag and left for the trip. On the way thanked his “Inner Monologue” for reminding Alice to take forest map with him so that he is always on correct path because internet doesn’t always work properly in woodland. Alice entered the forest and was Amazed by the extreme high pitch of different creature it didn’t affect his mental health but he was filling relaxed and exclaimed that how beautiful the sound of nature is!!!!

Alice found many different creatures and plants which he couldn’t find in the town. He tried to talk with them and also tried to make them friends with them. But unfortunately animals couldn’t understand his language.

Alice observed Eolian tones (sound) which was crashing the leaves on the tree. Boom Boom (sound) said the Thunder Stroke as the lord of thunder wanted to talk to Alice. Ouch! Exclaimed Alice. He looked above to see who was throwing stones on Alice’s head. But there was no one in the Mighty Forest! Alice got worried and scared as he recollected the myth of the giant forest which was being alerted by his Grandmother. And then again something stroke Alice head. Alice (in the frighten way) looking above and again there nothing except massive trees!

Alice was regretting his idea for exploring alone the mysterious forest. Crack! The voice appeared to come below the Alice’s shoes as if he had stepped on something which he shouldn’t. Alice had literally starting shivering. He slowly moved his leg and saw it is the wooden ply which has the symbol of “danger”. And suddenly Alice heard echoing sound from the forest as if forest is talking to Alice HOW DARE YOU STEP FOOT IN THIS FOREST!!!

Alice was shocked after hearing the voice from Mother Nature and started running back to the path which leads the road map to the town with his Unconscious Mindset. While running Alice bumped with the deer which was drinking water from the Lakefront. Both of them fall on ground. Alice observed that deer was wounded as the sharp twig of the wood got stuck in the deer’s leg and due to which deer was not able to get up! Alice got up as soon as possible and went near dear and aided deer by not only removing the twig of the wood but also applying medicines which Alice had in his bag-pack. After treating deer Alice recollected why he was running before he could tie up his shoelace there was another echoing sound saying STOP RIGHT THERE MY DEAR BOY!!

And someone from nowhere appeared in the front of Alice. He had an Ivory coloured hair with magnificent outfit. You look same as the picture of the guardian of green how can you be still alive?? was interrogated by Alice to the Greybeard Man. The man replied I am the spirit of the man which you just now mentioned! I am chosen by the Mother Nature to take care of the nature along with the all different kinds of creatures!! Alice immediately spoke so you are the one who was bedevilling with me? Why were you doing this with me?? And Alice pours the entire bucket of questions on the poor soul!!

The sprit replied that I following the rules which Mother Nature has abided me with. And I used to scare those people who had evil thought of hurting nature. Because they don’t know rules of nature and are behind the development of town which is leading to different types of pollution and they still don’t get this that trees helps to attract rain and if there are no rain than human even won’t be able to eat any thing !!! And if humans are killing the animals they are affecting the life cycle of animals. They still don’t know the powers of nature if nature can give something than it can take it back also!!! And I didn’t hurt you because you helped deer without thinking about your own wounds. Alice felt as if his leg was hurt and when he observed he saw that his leg was bleeding!

The sprit requested Alice to spread awareness about the importance of nature. And the sprit disappeared again in the wood. Alice was heading back to town and had made a goal that he would spread awareness about the importance of nature. When Alice grew up he decided to become an “ENVIORNMENTALIST”. As the days past Alice became a popular environmentalist and was called on National Television. Alice was asked how would you quote your journey ? Alice replied saying “THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT DAYS IN YOUR LIFE ARE THE DAY YOU ARE BORN AND THE DAY YOU FIND OUT WHY”. This is how Alice motivated youth and made general public aware about the importance of the nature.

-Akshi Gala

Writing Competition 2020

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