Every day is Halloween!

Poetry Oct 13, 2020

When the witches ride the broom‌‌

And vampires thirst for blood,

Bats circle the mood and grumble,

"Spooky Halloween is here!"

A horrifying night‌‌

Full of thrill and fun impeding.‌‌

You will see a pumpkin laughing and the head in the hands.‌‌

Don't fall in this bog, it's a trick to attract prey.

Wear your masks,‌‌

And put on our cloaks and hats.

‌‌Let the evil in you rise for some mischief

‌‌And obviously for filching tasty treats.

Take a pause, think for a while.‌‌

Don't you feel that every day is Halloween?‌‌

Everything appears unreal in this real world.

‌‌Eight billion people yet infinitely many faces.

It's a good disguised in evil on Halloween,‌‌

But exactly the opposite for the rest of the days.

‌‌Tricks are played every day,‌‌

But they seem amusing just on Halloween.

Post Halloween, the rigs are tossed.

‌‌But the fiends are still there, disguised.

‌‌A world prevailed by hypocrisy‌‌

Where masks of virtue are worn.

Let the world see the real you

‌‌without any unreal hue.

‌‌Let your masks be hurled until then

‌‌Wish you a Happy Halloween every day!

Chirag Jagad

DJ Lit Editorial Co-committee member

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