Academic Mar 21, 2021

DJSCE IIChE is a part of the fellowship of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers. Our aim is singular and simple: Positive institutionalisation of the role of the modern chemical engineer.  

Our methods to accomplish this is where we demonstrate variety. Variety in our members. Variety in our resources and reach. Variety in our events. Each passing year is a chance for us, to uphold this dynamic principle.  

We are not a congressional powerhouse but our team of 45 works with devout consistency amid regular responsibilities. The semester 2020-21 has perhaps been an embargo on our sessions and advertising opportunities but this hasn’t crippled the chemical wing against the other more software-oriented departments. A brief report of our events this term, testifies this.

Alumni events:  
Our premiere event ALUM (A Link Up with Majors) held on January 4, 2021 featured three professionals viz. Neha Patel, Dr Parth Shah & Utkarsh Hazaris with common origins but interestingly varied destinations. The trio encapsulated every polar aspect: being in India vs being abroad, pursuing pure engineering vs delving into management, studying first vs revisiting higher studies after work exposure, all the while retaining certain constant choices and practices.

The second Alumni meet, organised on March 6, 2021  was an in-depth meet with five credible chemical engineering alumni of D. J Sanghvi CoE which provided ample insight and excellent correspondence opportunities for the undergraduates.  

Eminent Guest Events:
The Colloquium: Pragmatic Insights from the Chemical Industry brought in an engaging personality, Dr Mahesh Murthy to share his views on professional growth and emphasize the need for professional foresight.  

Chem-e-Talks (part of ALChemE) is an upcoming event hosting abundant insight with respect to indigenous innovations under the evolving Make in India programme. It will be curated by Dr Sirshendu De Professor.

Taking heed from our spokespersons and the needs of the modern chemical engineer, the WASP (Workshop on ASPEN) was created. We collaborated with Aaharya Technologies for a subscription to an entry level course in the world’s leading chemical simulation software: ASPEN Hysys.

ALChemE (Applied Learning in Chemical Engineering):
A one of its kind, Online Treasure Hunt, peppered with novel clues and questions, all taking inspiration from the Periodic Table, the laboratory and other renowned chemical paraphernalia.  

All our events are held via Microsoft Teams. We have active handles on LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram. Do visit them to find fascinating factoids circulating the chemical industry under the banner Monday Musings and Fruitful Friday’s. They even showcase upcoming events, key highlights from previous ones and is a primary medium to provide your support or reel in a query for us.

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