DJS Robocon

Team Sep 25, 2021

Team DJS Robocon, the official Robotics team of Dwarkadas. J Sanghvi College Of Engineering, is proud to announce that by outshining all it’s past records, the team has secured an All India Rank 9 in DD Robocon.

DD Robocon is the national level competition for ABU Robocon. Based on the year’s theme, the teams would have to to go through three stages of filtering :

  1. A Documentation Round
  2. A video of Proof Round
  3. A finale game play round

This year's theme involved a gameplay in which our Bots were expected to throw arrows in pots with different diameter dimensions kept at varying distances and try scoring maximum points possible. In stage 1 , viz. The Documentation round, our team successfully bagged

AIR 1 scoring a perfect score of 100/100. Keeping in mind the time crunch we had for stage 2, the video of the proof round, we then immediately shifted into high gear hoping to maintain the same exceptional performance as in round 1. In this stage, our team  achieved a score of 55 out of 65 making our aggregate 70/77 for the combined stage 1 and stage 2 scores, thereby qualifying for the finale game play round.

Being hit by a pandemic, and having a diverse team, with people staying far from each other; having a common ground and working together for the final gameplay seemed difficult.

Yet our team did not lose hope and each member went an extra mile beyond their capabilities keeping all safety norms in mind. Having our focus solely on the best that could be delivered, the team went all in and after grasping at all our straws, DJS Robocon aced the DD Robocon with an All India Rank 9, which is also an overall Rank 2 in Mumbai. The team is also among the Top 5 teams for the DD Robocon MATLAB challenge in the country and was featured on the official social media handle of Mathworks for the team's remarkable performance.

As it is rightly said,
"To be a champion, compete; to be a great champion, compete with the best; but to be the greatest champion, compete with yourself."

With the new benchmark set, we expect to keep improving each year, making our college proud and keep #ExecutingInnovation!

Krittika Roy

DJ LIT Editorial Head 2021-22

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