Depression Pills Inside

Poetry Apr 19, 2020

My body, the ache, the pain, the fear and the plight
Omni potency of the depression pills shook my day and night.

Ah the event so vague I shy, before the magic pills so was i
So, fast the process, there I quoted no lie.
Jabbyness I did confess, such was the change in Ki.

Almighty, if death knocks me while I am fast asleep, guide me to the eternity like shepherd to a

Never the sun shone so bright, woke up me and not I.
The life and its might, my two new-by
Shine like a star, laugh like a kook, run like a dog.
Oh god eventually I was out of deep fog.

The effect so short but the impact so high.
The same I could have been for so long, I sigh.
No problems, no plight, only opportunities I find.
And I live my life, daily as I have depression pills inside.


Writing Competition 2020

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