Daylight and Moonlight

Poetry Apr 14, 2020

Warm cozy mornings and frozen shivering nights,
Those cold dark days when you are deprived of lights.
Remember, to every suffering there is an end,
The moment you believe in daylights more than darkness
Your ways you’ll mend.
Depressed, suppressed and doomed,
Have you seen a lotus, how it bloomed?
The ones who say nights are scary and days are safe,
Haven’t you heard the horrible cries of victims in daylight after rape?
For those who say moonlight equalises serenity and love,
There are creatures who fear darkness more than anything above.
Daylight, moonlight, darkness & sunshine are epitome of perception,
Once fears are conquered, they lead us into the right direction!!

-Shreya bhargava

Writing Competition 2020

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