Experiences are the cradles of wisdom

Abstract Nov 15, 2016

Experiences are the cradles of wisdom

Wisdom is the power to judge rightly and follow a sound course of action based on knowledge and understanding. A wise and an intelligent person is born with these qualities and experiences only enhances these powers. Knowledge can be acquired from the outside world, or by socializing with others. Wisdom, on the other side, is the intelligence within. That is why we say wisdom is inborn, not acquired. Human beings fear ridicule of their knowledge. We worry what others might say; that we are unable to concretize what they think, and that our understanding is limited. The important thing is that- a person, who knows how to be unprejudiced, has compassion and knowledge, which leads to wisdom. Knowledge might come from anywhere, but wisdom lingers.
Thereby Alfred Tennyson said, “Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers and bears a laden breast full of sad experience, moving toward the stillness of rest.”  Experiences make people wise. Indeed, through experiences, people may come across many things that books may not provide. Therefore, this acquired knowledge through experience qualifies to be called as wisdom.
If we take a look back at our ancient days of history, wise people like Shivaji, Birbal, Akbar and others had inherited experience which led to wisdom, although people may say that it was inborn in them. But only a wise person is able to judge a problem and resolve it in a mutually satisfying manner. Therefore, experiences are the cradles of wisdom.

By Trushita S. Bharucha

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