Beggars can be Choosers too

Poetry Apr 18, 2020

With glittering eyes full of hope

They step outside at the break of dawn

With a sack on their back

They hunt for treasure on every track

Destiny plays its game strangely

What people throw away as in-necessities

They grab as opportunities

“Who should I choose today”?

“Red because you stand apart from the rest”?

“Or Green because you are the most serene”?

“Or White because finding you here is a rare sight”?

“Or Black because you hold mystery at your back”?

Who says beggars can’t choose?

Beggars can be choosers too!

-Aparna Pathak

Writing Competition 2020

This post was submitted for Writing Competition 2020! Want to win exciting prizes? Submit your articles at [email protected]

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