Be The Warrior

Abstract Oct 17, 2019

How many times have you given yourself a treat for doing something great?

How many times have you considered yourself an original entity in this competitive world?

How many times have you cried for not getting something that you desperately wanted? Lastly, how many times have you thought that what you have right now is more than enough for you?

We get angry at silly things, we get happy when we get those things that we were angry for! What is this obnoxious or maybe very soothing mystery that we have in us?Will we always behave this way or is it just a one time thing?

The truth is the human brain works on emotions which are created through hormones which trigger our neuro-receptors which enable us to think and to express ourselves!  We as humans tend to think otherwise, just having a perfect day doesn’t mean that your life is going to be smooth there will be troughs in your way which will let you down , obstacles that will make you to break past your own limits and truth checks that will show you what you really are.

To be able to manage to get  through all of them will be difficult but you can try , you can try until you get to a point that you evolve into something else , a different entity maybe or a different mind that thinks according to the things that you always had in your mind. One thing is certain, never stop trying, never stop your ‘Roman Empire’ from building , don’t let it fall “SHINE AND RISE” every new day and say to yourself, “I am the best and I will always be the best.”

Whatever difficulties come in your way be a slayer and finish them off one by one, be your own Thor and your own Iron Man.

This development occurs through your brain when you have a positive approach on everything that you do and of course there’s science behind it but let’s not get into that at this moment, let’s get into this world as a perfect Warrior!

Nothing can knock you down. You just get up and become more powerful; the perfect KING of your life that ever existed and that’s how you’ll discover your true self because life is like a rainbow after the worst rains and storms, it gives you a chance to glow and grow so huge that everyone will be beneath you , be that ! 

Be the best version of yourself, be the WARRIOR who never gets Slayed for you and for discovering you in YOU.

-Ishaan Thanekar

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