The Keys to a better Future

Abstract Feb 09, 2017

This age that we are at, is something very complicated and equally obnoxious, it is confusing and tricky, and this is the time where our choices, define who we really are.
The biggest obstacle that we face in this phase of our life is love, and mind you, this love that I talk about is not only the the relationship love, it is also the love for your work, your passion. Most of us teenagers make the mistake of being tricked by this mockery. True love exists indeed, but it comes with maturity and understanding, being a member of the so called “errorist” generation, we are prone to make mistakes as we are yet to be acquainted by the grim realities and adversities that the world is about to get us. At this point, love would be more like a hindrance, a hurdle that would cause heartbreaks and emotional letdowns, be it passion or a relation. So the question is? What should we do for a better tomorrow?
Well, the answer is, study. Get good grades, struggle, build up a resumé, work hard, no pain, no gain. It is one of the most humdrum, monotonous, wearisome, prosaic, drudging, tiring(and another infinite adjectives to describe how plain and tedious studying is) thing to do, but just do it. Get the best degree, work to get your future into place, maturity and understanding will come gradually as we dauntlessly take up the task of studying. We are entering this phase of life where we are bound to face a lot of experiences, good or bad, but all of them, worth learning, so rather than trying to find ourselves and discover ourselves through love, let our education mould us into the humans we are bound to become, because passion comes out of understanding, what we have right now is an infatuation, an infatuation for our desires, for something that excites us, but if you want to know what could define a good future probably, is some loads of money, and if you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to. You’ll realise that whatever may come out of life, your love, happiness, everything is a result of money, as it is rightfully said, ” Sabse Bada Rupaiya.”

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