Altering Bourgeois Ethos

Abstract Feb 11, 2017

Man has changed. We think that we have been improving all this while, bringing about revolutions in the fields of cloth, food, agriculture, machinery, technology and what not? But the bitter truth, that no one shall accept is that we all have become manipulative. Man should now be synonymous to hypocrite. Cunning, deceitful, dishonest, are the adjectives to describe a man of the so called ‘cool’ generation. Honestly, this is not his fault at all. The world has changed, as a result of which we all have to adapt to the new way of living, where lies are more commonly heard than truth, trust is just a misunderstanding and love is a means of earning. The atmosphere is filled with doubt and suspicion and the person with the evil tactics is regarded as a smartass. Why are we becoming prey to these new terms and conditions? Just because we want to be rich? People are watching? If we risk our career based on our interests will we get the big fat dowry? These thoughts tend to fill our mind with an air of fear and hopelessness and we sadly accept the obligations and force ourselves to live the life we never wanted to live.

What is the true purpose of life?
Just to become rich and achieve what our parents have failed to achieve? Or to live life like a free bird, without any obligations, take risks without the fear of society and what would he say if I did that? God had given man one characteristic feature called Humanity. Slowly and steadily we have forgotten this important feature. Today, there are very few people who help others without looking at their own benefit. The nature that we have developed is absolutely wrong. We have two decision making units in our body: the brain and the heart. In the earlier centuries, both would sync well and give a combined solution for a specific problem. Over the years, man has worked vigorously on developing his brain and has successfully accomplished the task of being the smartest species on the planet, but this has led to another outcome which we aren’t quite familiar with, now the brain has a different approach to certain problems in comparison with the heart. As we grow up, we are taught that all the decisions must be taken from the mind, as the heart is a feeble organ that doesn’t have the power to make a man rich and successful in the eyes of the society. Everyone is scared of the society, be it love, emotions, sentiments, career, friendship, marriage, faith in God, and what not, most of us do it unwillingly, tons of people sacrifice their dreams for their parents dream. We have all reluctantly lost faith in ourselves, which has happened because as a result of being warned about the fact that the field we choose is full of risks and the probability of failing in it is much greater than succeeding in it.

I believe we are all born with a special talent and if we use it wisely and put in a tremendous amount of effort in polishing it we shall definitely manage to succeed in the task besides having secured a sense of self satisfaction and the joy of relishing every moment of the struggle. Unfortunately, for most of us, our talent is either ignored or left unexplored, of course, due to the Indian mentality that has made everyone believe that every smart child must become an engineer or doctor, whether he is willing to be one or not as it shall be good for his future. This is applicable even in the case of love, if we fall in love for a girl or a guy who is not under proper guidance (or in not so good terms: wasting his or her life), we are asked to make choices sensibly. This is perceptible hypocrisy. The world is filled with annoyingly critical people who care more about what other people are doing with their lives rather than focusing a bit on their own, then follow the herd mentality and end up becoming another rat in the race which has no finish line. Today, if you are earning more than the other person, although he is living his life more cheerfully and is content with what he has, you will be looked upon as the more successful person, as we all end up complicating the definition of successful, which simply means achieving happiness, but we have refined it by introducing an entire new nomenclature of different denominations known as ‘money’. In spite of the endless attempts of mankind making others believe that it’s not about money, the fact is that it is always about money and it will remain the same. This is because we all believe in material happiness which is extremely short term and shall escape when we need it the most, leaving us with the immobilizing greed for objective wealth. All of us have given rise to this sick and abominable mentality and only we shall be able to end. We have this proverb in gujrati which says ‘jagya tyaar thi savaar.’ This means that it is never too late to start doing the right thing. Steve Jobs has said, ‘Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.’ It is really difficult, the path you choose shall bring you lots of disappointments, failures, rejection ,  but that is reality, this life, that most of us forget to live and plainly exist, is meant to be filled with ups and downs, a straight line, even on the ECG would mean that you were dead. It’s really troublesome, but not impossible, because we all have very dauntlessly, atleast once in our lives, said this to ourselves or to someone that, ‘NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!’ Then why not try to be the change?


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