Poetry Apr 15, 2020

Lying alone on the bed I try;
To make myself sleep I try.
My heart filled with sorrow,
Searching for love so I could borrow.
I walked down the empty streams,
With the image of my broken dreams.
I tried and tried though,
Every friend and family turned into a foe.
Among the people I search for a hand,
That would take me back to my wonderland.
Sleeping on the tear soaked pillows,
Thinking about the good days and letting them go.
Walking down the cold roads with eyes down,
Hoping someone could take away this frown.
I cried till my eyes turn red,
‘I shall never leave you’, they had said.
I controlled my emotions and faked a smile,
Throwing my heart in a garbage pile.
In this mean world I try to cope up,
But in the end I give up…

-Shubhankar R Mishra (Lonewolf)

Writing Competition 2020

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