Non-fiction Apr 18, 2020

“I can give birth to live,
It’s on tears that I thrive,
I am a daughter, a mother and a sister too,
Every color of me is beautiful and true,
Can you look beyond the man-made bans.....Maybe an Iron man is there in every Woman?”
Iron man is someone you look up to, someone you admire and most importantly someone who is true to oneself and to others.
Ironically, it’s called the ‘Iron Man’ while in real lives, most of the times it is the women who are the keystones of every family, household and organizations. Each of us is surrounded by many such iron ‘men’ but how often do we appreciate them?
Just like iron which is soft but strong and can made into thin wires, sheets and different shapes, women adapt and survive through all challenges that life puts them through. These are the stories of my ‘Iron Woman’.

I still remember the day when I had very reluctantly entered my college on 27th July 2016. I was determined on NOT becoming a therapist.
Becoming a medical professional was never my goal. From being pushed into the web of therapeutic science to sustaining the third year of physiotherapy, the journey has been as inspiration in itself.
As I had entered my college on the first day of the new session, I was certain that this journey will not be worth my efforts. But destiny had other plans for me.

The third year of study involved clinical exposure for all the students. I was going through my tiring day with disappointment written all over my face. Just as I was expecting my job to be over, I was assigned another patient. Like any other exhausted student, I reluctantly made my way towards her. My sour mood paused as I heard a faint giggle from the five year old girl. She looked as cute as any other cerebral palsy patient I had treated before. Looking straight into my eyes, she gave me a heartwarming smile. As I begun with her exercises that involved stretching, active assisted movements etc. I realized that there was much more to this bundle of happiness in front of me.

My curiosity got the better of me as I begun asking questions from her family members and relatives accompanying her. This caused me to realize that there were scars hidden behind those curve of lips. At the tender age of five, she had endured not only the motor-neurological condition but also rejection from her father and family. Had it not been for the insistence and perseverance of her mother, she may have had to be abandoned at the hands of fate. An incident particularly informed me was that her father had thrown her out of his house upon learning about her condition,resulting in grave injuries and undiagnosed mental trauma.
Since that day, I had started to wonder the reason behind her courage to continue. I thought about the reasons behind her determination to move forward despite the inability to view any light at the end of her tunnel. Here, I was worried about not making to my lecture in time, while there she struggled to take the next step forward. Initially, it was her peculiarity that glued me to her, but soon it was her outlook towards life that caused me to change mine.

My story carries storms,
I don’t want to follow the norms,
My journey is an eternal fight,
To pave way for rays of light,
True to this name, women are like iron. They just need to be cared for, and they will return it ten times over.

Before meeting them, acing exams, being popular used to be my priorities. However, this girl had barged into my apparently stable life and made me look at things from an entirely different view. She has made me realize that no matter how tough life gets, you always have hope. Because as they all say, where there is a will, there is a way. No matter how much you want to give up, you can always find a reason to continue.

She made me realize that in this game of life, there is nothing black or white. It is all gray. You might not be dealt with the best of the cards, but that doesn’t actually stop you from winning. For being such a tiny being, she has surely taught me one of the most essential lessons- to be grateful no matter what happens. There always something better in stock. You might not perfect in the eyes of the world, but you really don’t need to be either.

This was her story and mine too as I fell in love with myself and my profession. I will conclude by stating if this is not inspiring enough to make us hope for a better tomorrow, then I really don’t know what is.
“Maybe she could not walk like me, but she was already ahead of me....
She imagined life as a rainbow, where each day gives us inspiration to grow....”


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