A Girl

Abstract Feb 21, 2018

Never wanted to be that girl who’s hard to be defined.
Why would I try to be in someone else’s skin
Lean in for publicity and express only to impress
Wear a piece too short or pose like an antique
There’s more to the face than art attack it seems,
Beyond that layers of makeup pale and dry scars are hidden
Try to look into that smile and words which are hardly been whispered to your ears
There’s more to the body than temperature defining it’s shame.
Those legs burned into aches for perfect removal of hair.
All those upper shades are temporary fantasies overcoming insecurities,
You are more than a project under recovery
Your colour isn’t a word for glory
Your character doesn’t need ones certification
Your kindness can’t be mistaken for desperation an action of provocation,
For world it might be a beauty contest featuring dead souls
But what I ought to see is I’m not going to be a part of your silly little tarnish world I’m gonna
create the label in reverse match.
Being that girl who’s hardly been noticed or acknowledged for has been hard but I won’t let that
tag define me.
Instead I’m gonna rewrite a whole new story behind those sceptical eyes and commendable
struggle to break through…..

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