2020-A year of Change

Non-fiction Apr 19, 2020

So, the last day of the year which was 2019...what were you up to?

I know there was a buzz in the year like everybody knows it’s sort of an end to a new beginning, a start to something new, a blaze in the dry run, a change swooshing around in the process.

I mean seriously nobody knew what lied ahead, but we all hoped for the best. Got excited, party until our head hurts just to realize there’s nothing new about the year, until we do something about it.

It was like festivals, always the same, friends-family same talk, fun...yet we do it, just to do something different than the mundane life of ours that becomes repetitive doing what we don’t love but we do it, because frankly we gotta do something-An idle mind is devils workshop. So, well there’s that and also, not everything is fun, all the time. If you go after craving a high every freaking minute of the day, well we all know, what will come out of it.

By the way, did you had plans for 1st Jan 2020, like a trip abroad or to some other city, a get-together with friends or families or just a fun day planned to celebrate the start of next year or were you repenting your fate, to not been able to get out of your past, or living like you were drowning in each day, being hard on yourself-to not able to do things right, what was it? How did YOU spend your New Year’s Day 1?

Some of us had already started working on the resolutions for 2020, things to achieve, books to read, new heights to reach, being more and being better by making decisions with the right conscience. Some of us could already feel it in their bones that this was their year, the year that was going to change things for the better, don’t know how-no goals planned out, yet as a belief it was there, until things came crashing down in the next year and they realize that this year was no different, that life has no magic (unless you create it and timing is important but that is a discussion for another post), that it’s all dark and mysterious and it’s better to join the Darth Vadar tribe than to ever hope that Yoda or a Skywalker will come and save you.

So what did you do? What all have you accomplished? Don’t worry you read up till this point, which means you still want something, some advice, some fix that could help you to take this year down in high spirits. But it will require work, after all change requires a plan, motivation and direction, which is a sort of a how, why and where approach.

So, let’s do this together- List down three things that you love the most and would like to do more in 2020.

Now make a plan on how to make it happen. Like let’s say you want to write like I love writing but sometimes, I get stuck, sometimes I feel lazy and sometimes I don’t know why I am even doing it. Which after deep contemplation I realize was right there, I love writing because it gives me a platform to think and write and the say the stuff that I want to say without being mocked or judged on everything that I say, which will still happen but not at that moment. Writing comes naturally to me because that’s what I have been done doing for major part of my life. I think, talk with myself and express myself out on paper and sometimes what comes out looks like poetry and sometimes just messy scribbling but that’s just me, part funny-part boring, part interesting-part tiring, I do what I believe I should do, with the remaining days on Earth.

I started writing this post in 2019, didn’t start to finish up till April because you know how life gets into the way. So, here I am completing my unwritten post because you all know what is responsible for this change, yes-say it out loud- it’s the pandemic. Nobody thought life would change this way that going forward all those resolutions made in the month of January will feel like a dream, that all those superstitious people who looked at the year 2020, added the numbers to a single digit 4 and said, YES! 4 is my lucky number and this year, I am going to rock the ship on!

On an off note, did you know that number 4 is considered an unlucky number in many East Asian places like Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan? The number 4 (2+0+2+0=4) sounds like the word for death, hence they avoid it completely. Now, is it a superstition or premonition or well crafted move to make it look like superstition, who knows, our minds believe whatever we tells it to believe.

Well, we did rock on till March and now we all are locked inside, with only the necessities and some people still striving to get that fulfilled.

Nobody thought of this spread to become a pandemic, that the whole world would in lockdown and you would finally be able to finish those tasks, but will not want to because we all know that the problem was never-time, we had enormous amount of time to fulfill the tasks yet we don’t do it, because neither are we passionate about it and nor do we have a desire to fulfill. We are still going for the easy stuff like binge watching on Netflix, playing games with friends or talking for hours on phones, we are all hating the process because life is difficult to deal these days, all the depressing information on social media, all the haters out to create more chaos, nobody knows what to do, what to believe in and hence, once
again we again are just existing.

One can say, be productive, use this time well and think of all the mistakes you made in the past and then you can move on making better choices in the future, but saying is one thing and doing is another. You can’t become as focused as Mahendra Singh Dhoni or Saina Nehwal to win this battle in one day, it will takes months to set the path and to stay committed but the choice is yours and it is your will, desire and power to choose it every day.

So, let’s go back to the part where we were talking about how to make a change and be productive this year. I have already list down the first goal which is, the top three things that you want to do more in this and the upcoming years.

Next is for your personal growth, be more self aware and figure out things about yourself and not only what you like and don’t like but also, why you like or don’t like, though not every question could have a reasoning like for example, why do you like pink color? Not because when I was a kid I used to wear a lot of pink clothes, so it’s now programmed in my brain but mainly because I feel happy whenever I am wearing pink, also pink is feminine and I am proud to be a woman, so there’s that...I mean I could say many things, but the primary reason is that color makes me happy. I mean, I did come up with a reason but that reason was not because of something happened in the past or something other, what I mean to say is that some questions could have simple answers too.

Ask yourself questions in everything that you do like if you like a guy then why do you like that guy? Is it because that guy is giving you attention or that guy is funny and intelligent and you are having fun while spending time with that person? If that is true, then what if tomorrow he isn’t funny, then will you still want to spend time with him? If yes, then why?

Ask yourself constantly why-5 times, it has been said if you ask that many times, you usually get to the root of the issue and are able to figure out what your real intentions are. Self discovery is a life long journey. We constantly improve and discover ourselves. So, before getting into a relationship, it’simportant that you understand yourself and if you are in relationship, then discover together.

Now, comes the fun part. You list down 3 important things that you want to do this year (like not in small details but looking at the big picture type things), you worked on reflecting yourself and your behavior, questioned yourself. So, now the fun part-After all, all work and no play could make anyone a dull person.

Every weekend or every other weekend, relax yourself-your mind, body and spirit. Do yoga, zumba, dancing, singing, Karaoke, meditation, mindfulness exercises, playing games with friends/family or just sleeping. You do know that everything that you do has an effect on your well-being, if you sleep less, it shows, if you do exercise, it shows. So, do it for fun, not because you want to become the best singer/dancer in the world or you want to lose weight. Do it with happiness, because it is important to choose to be happy in some days of the week, if not every day.

Remember, going forward, things are going to change...You’ll have to wear masks even after May.

Resistance is not the solution right now, accept the change and prepare for your tomorrow, every day.

In times like these, be grateful and lucky for all that you have, you never know, maybe worse of the
worst hasn’t happened yet.

So, don’t be depressed, cheer up and smile like a happy day,

It’s time to get strong and think like there’s always a way.

Things might have not moved the way you had planned,

But the universe will deliver exactly what you need, with its magic wand.

After all, Einstein once said,” In the midst of every crisis, lays great opportunity”

Thank you for reading 

Hope we all do well!!

-Chhaya Govil

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