IETE (Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers) is a professional society
for the advancement of scientific and technologically bent minds in the field of Electronics
and Telecommunication.
IETE consists of two streams of Student base. The first wing is the students of alma-mater, IETE,
the pass outs of DIPIETE, AMIETE and ALCCS students which forms an Alumni Association.
The second wing is the Engineering students studying in Engineering Colleges and
Polytechnics across the Country. This wing is the IETE-SF (IETE Students Forum).
The IETE-SF of D.J. Sanghvi conducts events and workshops throughout the year. Industrial
visits to locations such as Reliance Thermal Power Station in Dahanu are also conducted by
us. IETE members inherit the Book Bank facility, which is a subsidized facility operated by
IETE-SF where reference books are provided at discounted prices for the complete
In August, IETE-SF launched its mentorship program, DJ Strike. Under this program, second
year students will be making industrial level projects under the guidance of their seniors.
The projects which fulfill certain criteria can also be submitted for DJ Spark, the state level
competition arranged by IETE-SF every year. Currently, there are 202 students registered for
DJ Strike.
We have a website,, where information about all the
activities ranging from events and workshops to DJ Spark can be accessed.